Some Views from Charlotte, Part 2

I finally tracked down a copy of A Study in Emerald. I wanted the first edition but had to settle for the second. We played once so far with three players and I like the game but will have to play another time or two to know for sure. It seems like it may be lacking something but it has provided one fun session so it is worth another shot.

I have been long searching for a copy of Glen More, a game I played at a FW Game Night session years ago. The game system impressed me and while I have been frustrated in my search, I bought a game from the same designer with a similar system called Kraftwagen V6. This uses the same choose your action roundel that was in Glen More. The theme is all about building, racing and selling cars. While I would still like to have Glen More, I am pleased to have gotten Kraftwagen.

Days of Steam is a simple tile laying railroad game which I've played a few times. It is not a great RR game, nor a particularly great tile laying game. It was, however, inexpensive which is a plus. And it makes a good end of session filler. Same goes for Harbour, a simple card game with a city building theme which I got as a filler in a trade. It is a decent game but maybe not as great as Wil Wheaton makes it out to be. But then I wasn't on Star trek so what do I know?

The kids enjoy Quartermaster General. We played over Christmas with all the expansions and promos. It is definitely a fun little game in which victory continues to elude me, no matter which side I play. We also played Quartermaster General 1914, which I found to be a superior game to QMG. It has a slightly different system that works well for the WW1 era. Easily my favorite of the QMG family (and I have also played the Peloponnesian War version as well). I did my first Kickstarter on an upcoming QMG pre-WW2 expansion.

I also Kickstarted a game called Railroad Rivals. It was billed as a RR game that plays like Carcassonne, which is the favorite two player for Caroline and I. This one looks fun. We shall see.

The Expanse is another space game that plays a bit like Twilight Struggle or other card driven wargames. And it plays relatively quickly. Apparently it is based on a TV show but I was able to enjoy it with no knowledge of the show. It was a pretty good game.

At Gencon last year, Caroline bought an obscure Mayfair game called Mystery, Motive for Murder. This has gotten poor reviews and low ratings on BGG but she and I really enjoy it. It has a tile laying aspect which we both enjoy and there is a bit of take that and some decent strategy. The art is nice (think of a PBS mystery series) and game play has multiple layers.

Caroline also got a new game called Fairy Tiles, which is a story telling game with a fairy tale theme. I thought it was going to be a light kids game but it turns out it was actually a decent game with some strategy.

We also tried out the new Gloom in Space. It was OK but we recommend that you stick with the original or our favorite in the series, Fairy Tale Gloom.

A few other newish games are in the queue. Whistle Stop is a tile laying railroad pick up and deliver game whose artwork attracted me. Tesla vs. Edison and the New Science are older games with science themes, although the former is really an economic game and the latter is pretty much a worker placement game.

FWGN sessions introduced me to a number of other games I have acquired such as Hit Z Road, Dream Factory and Imhotep. And Carson City remains a favorite.

At some point I will give Great Western Trail a try. It looks like a good game with an interesting theme. Another interesting looking game is The Grimm Forest. I am also looking forward to the new Martin Wallace game AuZtralia which I did not Kickstart since it will be the same game as offered at retail.

It probably appears as if I am no longer into wargames, but this is not the case. Since this group or parts of it meet regularly, there are ample opportunities to game. We have played a number of wargames and systems over the past year, including miniatures games. I also play solo at home and with my wargame friends on vassal and am currently engaged in a solo Battle of the Philippine Sea scenario of Pacific War. However, for this post, I limited the details to games the FWGN crew would be interested in.

And since you have read this far, I'll leave you with recommendations. I think the FWGN crew would enjoy Terraforming Mars, Whistle Stop, Kraftwagen, New Bedford, Concordia and 1846. Eclipse might be too heavy, although the Expanse might work. Until next time...


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