Game Night April 6, 2018

Brian, or someone pretending to be Brian, asked me to post this on the site.

GAMENIGHT RETURNS! To Lindenwood­ this Friday at the usual time.

I’ll have all the usual games on the tab­le, and anything anyone brings is quite ­likely to be played, blah blah blah – an­d so on, etc.!!



  • I shall be there.
  • I expect to attend.
  • At the appointed hour, Tom and Mark and I had a seat at Pam's kitchen table, and we plunged into a beautiful game of Tom's, wherein players assemble a theater production troupe, including stars (of greater and lesser value) and set constructors and so on - with a view to producing the very best play.

    I was fairly clueless from the beginning to the end, but despite that, I could discern that this very pleasant game has a tremendous amount of replayabililty. Players accumulate cash (which is always nice) and have to meet payrolls, with a view to racking up victory points. I believe Tom won, but I could be wrong. In any case, and despite my flop-prone performance, the game was refreshingly different, fast-moving, and definitely worth another go. (even with all my dithering, I think the game was maybe an hour from start to finish)

    Then we broke out ol' reliable Manilla Bay - and with no "this is a new game" excuse to utilize, I have no excuse for not only finishing dead-last, but in fact actually going flat-broke (for the first time I can recall, in that game). I believe Tom sailed away with the victory in that one.

    At some point, Pam and Grant and Chloe returned from going out to eat, and it sounds like they had a uniformly bad experience at their chosen venue (glacial service, followed by inept adherence to their orders, followed by neglect...but otherwise pleasant enough*)

    In any case, it was very nice to see the fellows, and I look forward to the next installment of our great Game Night institution!

    (*that last phrase was sarcastic!)
  • The theater game was called Shakespeare. I thought it a good game as it allowed for different ways to score points and enough flexibility to get there. The game has a solid theme and it does move right along.

    The game's premise is that each player is commissioned to put on a theatrical production for the Queen. The player can then hire actors, costume designers and set builders to put on the best possible play. Some characters are better than others, but the cost to employ them is also higher.

    Early on, Mark employed the best seamstress in England and put her to work designing elegant costumes. I lost out on the good costume people, so I focused on people who could build the finest set every seen, much of it guilded in gold. After the dress rehearsal and the final production, Mark and I amassed a similar amount of points, however I couldn't gather enough gold to pay my people which lead to a troop revolt to the tune of negative 8 points.

    With all of my people raining blows upon my scalp, Mark won easily.

    Manila was as good as always with Mark winning with the last die roll of the game.

    The best aspect of the night however was the outstanding eggrolls and the warm hospitality of the Stouder household.

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