Game Night February 23, 2018

Game Night makes a visit to cloudy Zulu this Friday - take advantage of the Spring-like weather and enjoy some gaming.

With four, expect Above and Below, Great Western Trail (Cows!) Or Tzolk'in.
With more, perhaps Concordia, Libertalia, Age of Industry or Roll for the Galaxy.


  • I expect to be there.
  • I shall be there, b'gosh!
  • I cannot attend tonight. Wednesday my daughter unexpectedly placed in the school science fair, so she will be moving on regionals. So last night she (who got sick) & I had to fill out all the registration forms, so that pushed back my completing the slideshow for the Engineers Week banquet. So that slideshow is what I will be working on tonight. Hope everyone is not waterlogged from all the rain.
  • It was a pretty wonderful GameNight, with Mr Robbins, his lovely daughter Ellen, Mr Webber and myself gathering around the table to drive cattle across the countryside, and make some money, in Great Western Trails. (My goal was to not slow the game down, but still, I was a somewhat pokey cow-poke, on the way to becoming Road-Kill....or Trail-Kill?)

    The game has a mix of options each turn, and ways to interact/affect other players' prospects, which were becoming clearer as we progressed. In any case, the game is beautiful, fairly fast-moving, full of options, and definitely loaded with Replayability!

    Mark and his beautiful wife Jan hosted us in their almost-completed re-done kitchen, which was quite marvelous, too

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