Game Night, December 1, 2017

at2118 Lindenwood Avenue, in the shadow of the WANE channel 15 tower!

All the usual games will be in the stack (Show Manager, Tigris, Jon's railroad game, and etc (gotta include "etc"!) - and if you bring a game, it has an excellent chance of being played!

Be there, or be square


  • Thanks to Rob and Tom and Mark...and Pammy's pre-event planning, Game Night at Lindenwood 2017 (tm) was a pleasant evening, all around.

    Pam & Chloe ran off to a PTA event at Towles Montessori/New Tech (Christmas cookie decorating - which was a surprisingly successful evening, as it turned out), but not before leaving us with a very nice snack-plate (and decorated cookies!).

    It was sort of a retro-game night, wherein we played Tigris and Euphrates - which I don't think I've played since before President Obama took office the first time (delete political digression, here), and wherein I believe Tom's ISIS-like insurgency creamed everyone, and then the always-entertaining Manilla.

    All in all, a very pleasant evening, indeed!
  • Great night, thank you Brian for hosting. Thank you Pam for the snacks & cookies. As I mentioned that night, those cookies raised the bar, I'm now a big fan of the little red thingies on the cookies.

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