Game Night - November 17, 2017

A quick recap:

Rob and Brian stopped over and we proceeded to start with Valley of the Kings.

VotK falls in the deck-builder genre and is a big game in a little box. The setting is Egypt and the cards to be purchased are arranged in a pyramid. An additional wrinkle is that only the bottom row of cards can be bought. The perfect card may be in the pyramid, but if it is locked in place then that could be a problem.

I like VotK because one can see what they want and there is often a clever way to use the cards to make it work. To win the game, one has to entomb cards (effectively remove them from play) to score points. That leads to a tension of wanting to use powerful cards for there actions, but knowing that the only way to score points is to take them out of play.

Rob went in with a strategy of collecting statues and it paid off in a big way. The game rewards collecting sets and Rob directed nearly all his focus to one group. Brian and I scattered our scoring cards among several different groups, to our detriment.

Final score: Rob 72, Tom 36 and Brian 28.

The only hiccup to VotK was that learning the game and playing it took too long. With one play under our belts, I am sure the next play would go much quicker. It was closing in on 10:00 PM before we finished. Surprisingly, Brian did not turn into a pumpkin and we broke out For Sale.

After a quick refresher of the rules, Rob won the first game with 77 points. I followed with 59 and Brian had 52.

After two wins for the night Rob was smirking more than he had a right to - so we had a rematch. Rob out thought himself in the second game of For Sale and zigged where he should have zagged.

Final score : Tom 72, Rob 67 and Brian 62.

After order was restored to the universe, we called it a night.

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