Game Night - October 6, 2017

It appears that Game Night returns to Florida Drive on Friday the 6th of October @7pm.
I'm glad to be back. So I'm thinking of something with minimal instruction-reading like Carcassonne w/ the Princess & Dragon expansion so we can get to gaming fairly quickly, and then switching gears to something like Primordial Soup.
see ya soon!


  • I shall be there.
  • Don't have time for full writeup. Here are the stats.
    Showed up: Mark, Brian, Tom, and myself.
    Played Carcassonne with River + The Princess and the Dragon expansions.
    Final scores Mark = 98, Tom = 95, Rob = 67, and Brian = 70.
    Played Kardinal & König: Das Kartenspiel.
    Final scores Mark = 51, Brian = 48, Tom = 46, and Rob = 43.
    A good time had by all. Rob over & out.

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