Game Night - July 28, 2017

Game Night comes to Florida Drive on Friday the 28th of July.
Just got back in town. The depending on how much time they take, would like to either get Libertalia or Galaxy Trucker on the table, see ya soon!


  • I expect to be there, with Ellen.
  • I won't be able to make it.
  • Well I think I achieved a new person record by actually sticking to the proposed games, possibly for the first time. Mark & Ellen joined me for a game of Galaxy Trucker. This is an extremely enjoyable game which involves grabbing various, and typically incongruent part tiles and assembling them into a type of Frankenstein spaceship. The instructions are fairly humorous and the basic game is fairly straightforward, the game pieces with little spacemen and battery cells are cool. You will need guns to blast meteors and enemies, and engineer to move, and batteries to power them, and humans to collect resources, and eventually aliens with special abilities that boost guns & engines.… so as you collect parts, you will want as many of these things as possible. Mark won that game.

    Then we moved on to play Libertalia, the pirate game with playing cards with great artwork. All start with the same pick of character cards. The different characters on the ship all come with different rankings and abilities during the day, dusk, at night, and game end. Mark won that game as well.

    Kicking off the weekend with some space trucking and swashbuckling, how much better does it get? Great night. For all who could not make it, hope all is well, and see ya in a few weeks!
  • Thanks for the write-up.

    I was disappointed not making it there last night. Libertalia is a clever little game.

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