Game Night - April 7, 2017

Sorry about the extremely late post. Game Night comes to Florida Drive on Friday the 7th of April. Other than snacks, I've not prepared too much else. So we can play a new game or some old favorites that have not seen the light of artificial luminescence in a while. See ya soon!


  • I'll be driving home from Kentucky Friday night, so will sadly miss Game Night.
  • I will be there.
  • Game Night at Florida Drive. In attendance was Brian, Tom, Sarah, & Rob. Sarah played a game with us before heading out to the movies.

    We first played Pueblo, the game where one places blocks in such a way as to have the least amount of exposure of one’s color, from the Chieftain’s point of view, as he trots around the building grid and in addition, the bird’s eye view when the Chieftain reaches a corner. The higher you build, the more points one receives, if you get caught by the Chieftain. The game objective (to not accrue points) was tested by Brian, as he experimented with both blocks and scoring parameters in the upper stratosphere. I’ll attempt to attach a picture of Brian’s skyscraper of the Native American world. Tom won that game, hedging Sarah out by 3 points.

    After the gals left for the movies, Tom, Brian and I continued on to play Kardinal & König. This an awesome game. Elegant in the simplicity of placing monastery buildings/advisors of your color in different regions, with devilishly complex scoring results. Every token placement is based on how you play your region cards and every placement seems to have a ripple effect on the end game scoring. Having only three players made the game’s pace go fast, but we all took care not to “gang up” on one person. Similar to chess, with so much going on, it’s a little difficult to visualize the ramifications of your play until after you place it. We let Brian perform a take-back move, so then I did a take-back, which technically put the entire game under contention for validity. However if you say “it is what it is”, then totally won, sending Tom & Brian packing. But the end scoring had such tight margins, victory was in reach of all of us depending on the ripple effect of those last five plays. If you go by the alternate reality version, where Tom could play the last card in the draw pile and there were no take-back moves performed, Tom may have won. ha!ha!ha! Fun game!
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