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I have joined up with a group of wargamers here in the Charlotte area. They meet once a week on Wednesdays and the enjoy miniatures and boardgames, including some non-wargames.

Two weeks ago the game was 1812 from Academy Games. This is a historical Euro game for up to 5 players. The backdrop of the War of 1812 is the theme and it does a good job of conveying the theme. The 5 factions are split between the two sides - Brits, Canadian militia and Indians face the American and American militia. Each side has some difference capabilities that are designed into the different combat dice each faction has and also the cards that provide some flavor in historical events.

The game is pretty solid, although this group decided to alter a key rule that made it very hard for the American side (which I was a part) to dislodge invaders and Indian raiders from the US side. Still the game is short enough to play twice in a 4 hour session.

1812 is a decent game, although not one I would choose to play given other choices. But I would play it if others choose it.

Last week, the game was from Fantasy Flight Games, the Game of Thrones. I have never seen the TV shows nor read any of the books so the "history" was somewhat lost on me as to the various differences between the 6 factions. The game is pretty much a pure Euro although one of the group kept insisting how much a pure wargame it is. It isn't. But it is a clever and interesting game where players face tough choices each turn as to how and where to attempt to exert force. Once the easy pickings are gone, there will be conflict and a lot of it. It would be easy for sensitive players to get some hurt feelings as alliances made and broken are part of the game. Not knowing these guys very well, I wasn't sure if everyone was still friends afterwards, but they assure me this is part of the fun. GoT is a good game, although not really mt cup of tea. I'd play again but I do prefer my history to have actually occurred.

This past Saturday, I traveled with one of the guys to Augusta GA (2.5 hours away) to attend a (mostly) miniatures convention. There were some wargamers there so I managed to get into a game of a large tactical board game called The Greatest Day. It was the Juno Beach scenario and I joined the German side. I spent most of my time watching my German units get blasted by artillery but I did enjoy the game system. It is a series I do not own, as the games are all rather expensive. This one retails for $264. Even at the street price of $210, I would prefer to play someone else's copy.

I also managed to find a reasonably priced copy of a game I had been seeking for quite some time. 1944 Race to the Rhine is a 1 to 3-player Euro game with an interesting historical theme. Players represent Patton, Monty and Bradley as they race to get into Berlin. Supply is limited and so are the transports that carry the supplies. So you must choose between gas, food and ammo with your limited truck supply. And the Germans are in the way, so you have to fight them too and that requires ammo. But an army has to eat to stay effective so you have to transport food. And without gas, no one is going anywhere. I had been looking for this for a long time as it is out of print or in limited availability pending a reprint. I had already secured the small (also limited) expansion deck for the game (for dirt cheap) so I was glad to have found the game. I will review it fully once I get it to the table.


  • Have you seen this one? It's an hour game on the battle of Antietam. The mechanics aren't exactly to your preference, but it's a nice map and might work in a Charlotte pub....
    Pub Battles Antietam
  • It looks interesting, but not at $97. It would have to be something I would play a lot for me to make that kind of investment. But thanks for the heads up.

    In other news, I managed to trade for a copy of Orleans. I figured I would never get a chance to play this again, but I am excited to have it. I'd like to find the expansion as I know this has some solitaire and 2 player scenarios. Thanks for bringing this to the GN table. It's not often I get this interested to acquire a game of this sort.

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