Game Night: May 27, 2016

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After a long time away, Game Night returns to suburban Zulu this Friday, May 27.

I visited the Cool Stuff Inc. store while I was in Orlando, and picked up a copy of Grand Austria Hotel. It'll hit the table immediately if we only have four players. With five, expect Roll for the Galaxy and with six perhaps the new version of Carson City or Quartermater General. As always, though, the host reserves the right to decide at the last minute.

Let me know if you can make it. The cooks are already discussing desserts, and I wouldn't want to run short.


  • I shall be there.
  • Count me in, baby!!

    And indeed, I'm expecting my just deserts (and usually GameNight hands them to me, in abundance!)
  • Bishop Dwenger graduation is Friday night so I will be unable to attend GN.
  • I shall be there!!
  • I have been battling a head cold since Wednesday evening and today it moved into my chest. Unfortunately, I will not make it tonight.
  • Rob showed up pretty close to 7:00 last Friday and, after no sign of Brian for quite a while, we sat down with Ellen to play Roll for the Galaxy. Half-way through the rules explanation, Brian appeared at the door, and we let him take a seat. If he complains that he not knew half of the rules, well, there's a reason for that. Stick to code; if you fall behind, you're left behind.

    Roll for the Galaxy is a fun little dice game with a slew of small dice in several colors. Players use these dice as resources, to explore, produce, deliver, and other such actions, the intent being to make money and points. There is a clever mechanic by which each player can secretly choose on of 5 phases that he can be certain will take place. But he also gets to participate in phases chosen by others. So one of the tricks is to ride on the selections of others to get all the phases you need. Besides this, there is the need to manage your resource dice - using them, getting new ones, and avoiding having them idle for too long. It's a good game - fun, fairly short, and easy to learn, but with a lot of decisions to make. Ellen rolled us all out of the Galaxy, winning by a significant margin.

    I didn't want to put Grand Austria Hotel out without Tom being present, so we went for T'Zolkin next. After a quick rules refresher, we began spending our corn to get our workers out on the big wheels to collect stuff and score points. Brian's tribe went for the kamikaze strategy, spending all their corn and feeling more than a bit peckish when the wheel rolled around to feeding time. I starved one of my guys once, I think, while Ellen's tribe didn't each much and Rob watched his grain bins carefully. By the end, I was able to collect enough gold to build a monument, which scored me 24 points from the blue skulls that were left on the wheel. That's was more than enough for the victory. T'Zolkin is one of my favorite games. It's always difficult to figure out what to do, frustrating to find out that you're out of sequence on placing/retrieving workers, and annoying when someone squats on the wheel that you needed to build a building or feed your tribe.
  • Well, I did get my just desserts handed to me, along with my head!

    Roll for the Galaxy is definitely worth another go (or three); lots of stuff going on, within a simple mechanism.

    And T-Zolkin was good stuff, as always, even despite that I starved my minions to death, with disconcerting regularity.

    But even as my incompetence-based famine decimated my faction, I was happily munching away upon various pies and other goodies, on offer from our gracious host and his family - so all was well! (let them eat cake, I say!)

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