Orleans Expansion

Due out for GenCon is an expansion for the fine game Orleans. It will feature new building types and new characters for the main game. There will also be a cooperative scenario where players have to hold off an invading force controlled by the game system. There are also some special 2 player and also solitaire scenarios included. Coolstuffinc.com has a preorder price of $32 and an estimated availability date of May/June 2016. So maybe it'll be available at Origins ahead of Gencon.

Orleans was one of my top games played in 2015. I played poorly, but that applies to most games, not just those played in 2015. But Orleans is a fine game with a great deal of interesting choices for the players. The expansion seems to be a worthy addition to a very good game.

We will be in Florida for Origins so we will not be able to make that convention. However, we do plan to make it to Gencon this year. We found out just this past Monday that Caroline was offered a teaching position at The Orchard School in Indianapolis for the fall of 2016. She will be a co-teacher partnering up with another teacher for a first grade class. It is her dream job and we are very proud of her accomplishment. and best of all, I will now have a free place to stay when I am in Indy. We will likely be moving her in sometime in July, so we hope to have her settled (and the couch ready for a house guest) by the first weekend in August.

Also announced for the summer convention season is an expansion for The Grizzled, a cooperative card game where players work together to try to survive the trenches of WW1. We have the base game and the theme is rather depressing. I'm not sure the expansion is a necessary item. In fact I am not sure the game is really a keeper. But I am a sucker for a good expansion...

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