April 29, 2016 Game Night

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...at Lindenwood Avenue, is fast approaching!

We will also be fast-approaching Indiana's 'Only Presidential Primary Election That Day' day, and therefore, the very last thing on Earth I'd want to play would be a political game.

I'll have all the usual games on offer (Tigris and Steel Driver and Manilla and so on) - and if anyone brings another game that they'd like to play, I'd be open to a brokered-Game Night selection process (I can be bought off cheaply!)

Come one, come all - and if you have a Favorite Son candidate for play, bring it along, too - and some Super Delegates can surely come your way


  • William has one of his few remaining soccer games down the street at Fort Wayne Sport Club at 7. I will most likely drop over afterwards, maybe around 8:30, to say hello to everyone but not to play.
  • Everything looks like go for this Friday.
  • I expect to be there.
  • I shall be there!
  • Well - it was a very fun, relaxing Game Night, if I say so myself!

    And if we label the act of negatively impacting another player as "cheese" - then we had a very Wisconsin-like gamenight, indeed.

    Pammy had prepared some goodies for us (including cheese and crackers, which also sort of describes us!), and then trundled off with the young folks in search of dinner - and Mark and Tom and Rob and I proceeded to roll through the ever-cheesey Pompeii, the semi-cheesey Modern Art, the delightfully-cheesey Manilla, and the deceptively cheesey Show Manager.

    Pompeii incorporates the ever-satisfying mechanic of simply grabbing one or the other of the meeples owned by an opponent*, and dumping their sorry behinds into the fiery bowels of Mount Vesuvious (and out of the game); and then, later, directing lava flows onto one's opponents**. It's a fast-playing game that's always good for a laugh or two, and indeed - Mark was incinerated (along with Tom and I!) as Rob's meeples erupted all over the town, and successfully skedaddled out of the exits (at least one step ahead of anyone else) and into the VP column.

    Then, we broke out Modern Art, and while Karl Glitter bedazzled me, Tom reminded us all of the timeless truth that "all that glitters is not gold" - as his world-class art collection racked all sorts of critical praise and commercial profits, and rolled to victory. As with almost all Kinezea games, I love Modern Art for its basic simplicity, and layered decisions/mechanics/consequences.

    Then it was time to head into Manilla Bay, where (over-paid!) harbor masters load punts and send goods forward, whilst pirates lurk and unseen forces affect the punts final movement, and worried insurance agents watch the proceedings. Manilla scratches several itches, as it is an investment game with good cheese-opportunities, and indeed a constant test of risk-management and risk-taking. I somehow eeked out a close win; I think I was only Harbor Master once (always an expensive proposition, once one wins the bid, and then buys a share of stock). I thought Mark had the game in the bag, as he was HM at least a time or two more often, and he was buying valuable stock just before their values rose (a critically important thing to do!)...possibly the critical factor was the purchase price for HM (always high)....don't know. But I DO know that Manilla is yet another great game that plays quickly while incorporating many interesting dynamics and offering the players many worthwhile possible paths of action.

    And finally, we played Show Manager - and let me just say - I cannot WORK with these people!*** Mark closed out the evening's performance with a solid win based on shrewd casting and shrewder(?) decisions on where to stage his shows so as to maximize points and ensure 'elbow room' for taking loans to finance subsequent productions. Show Manager is essentially a simple game with deceptive depth, wherein players are constantly working to balance maximizing the value of the shows they stage (via the actors they amass, and the city where they stage it) against the potential opportunity costs imposed as other players jump into various cities ahead of them.

    So, it was a pleasant evening - and although I'm more a capitalist than a socialist, it WAS pleasant to conclude a gamenight wherein each player present won a game!

    *as a general rule, always toss Mark's guys into the volcano

    **actually, let's make that a cardinal rule!

    ***this is what one says before spending $2000 to flush away all the actors currently available, and bringing out a new slate of choices
  • Thanks again to Brian & Pam for the warm hospitality, and the awesome meatballs, chips, and dips! The brownies were T-R-O-U-B-L-E only because I know no self restraint, and if 1 was good then surely 3 were better!

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