Game Night: April 1st, 2016 (No Foolin')

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Yep, so rumors are true (despite my lack of showing up at a game night), we have returned to Fort Wayne and game night is at the new La Mancha.

We are located at:

8312 Riveroak Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

My cell is still the same (it ends in 0123 - if you need it, let me know).


Now as far as what's on the table...

To be honest, the last meaningful gaming I did was with Mark and Ellen last June at Origins. With that in mind, I'd be honored if those attending would mind bringing a game that they feel I really need to try. If not, I still have my closet full of standbys.

Best Wishes,


  • I'll be a bit late (that's the night of the USF annual dinner) but I will be there.
  • We will be travelling East to Falling Waters, DC and the Atlantic Ocean for spring break.
  • I shall be there!
  • As shall I - and I'll bring Penny Press
  • Well, after becoming somewhat lost, I then somehow found the beautiful Solliere home, and Bob welcomed me in, as Andre and Rob and he were finishing a wonderful game of gem collecting and Victory Point buying (the name of which escapes me). I think Andre was winning.

    Then Mr Robbins showed up, and we played Penny Press, which was lots of fun (I think Mark won); and a French commuter-rail building game, which either Mark or Bob won.

    All in all, it was a great gamenight, and a very great pleasure to meet Andre and to play some games, and to take the grand tour of Michelle and Bob's beautiful home. (and indeed, there was no shortage of goodies on offer; I couldn't decide between sweets and salty/crunchy - so I went for both!)

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