Game Night - March 4, 2016

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Game night is set to return to the House of Youse on March 4th at 7pm. Set to hit the table is Debbie's favorite game 7 Wonders and we'll be adding the Leaders expansion to mix it up a bit. If we're feeling extra frisky, then the Cities expansion may go in as well. Other contenders for the evening are yet to be determined.

There will be plenty of snacks and goodies, so hopefully you can join us!


  • Count me in, baby!

    (even despite that the lovely Mrs Youse will probably pound lumps on my head, at 7W)
  • Howdy all,
    as I had mentioned in the email "Game Night 2016 schedule" back in November, I will not be able to attend any Game Nights in the month of March due to volunteering conflicts.

    Catch ya in April 2016!
  • I believe I will be unable to attend this week.
  • Thanks again to the Youse family for having us. The Seven Wonders game was compelling, as always, and I believe the finish was quite close at the end.

    Don't quote me on this, but I think Mark won...and if he didn't, then Jon did. In any case, I believe the margin of victory was about 3 points -which is what I love about that game. Every action you take is potentially the margin of difference - including how one plays the military. The 'opportunity cost' of deploying military, rather than (say) wracking in 4 or 5 VPs for some other action usually dissuades me from going all OO-RAH with armies...but on the other hand, the demerits one will accumulate for getting punked again and again cannot be ignored, either.

    And no matter what one does, there are almost always two or three OTHER things that could have profitably been done - making this an eminently replayable go-to Game Night classic.

    But I will say - at my next game night we're likely to break out Steel Driver, before I get too rusty at that one, since we missed that train this time around.

    Thanks again to Jon and Deb, for their hospitality. My excuse for losing is I was thrown off and distracted by the marvelous root beer, and the healthy veggies and dip, and the cookies and other goodies on offer!

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