Game Night - February 19, 2016

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Game night returns to the northern side of town this week.

For five players or less I am looking at a Viking game called Fire and Axe. I haven't yet settled on a second game - details to follow.


  • Count me in, baby!

    And - we could take another swing at Princes of the Rent-A-Center, or whatever, eh?
  • I'll be there!
  • I expect to be part of the Viking mayhem.
  • Well, lemme just say - Tom's Viking game was very good stuff. Not overly complicated - and yet with myriad options and variables to deal with each turn (weather, cards on offer, and cities to trade with or plunder) I already want another crack at it.

    What I recall most sharply was looking at the really high-value cities (such as Rome, or Constantinople for example) and thinking "I wanna sack that place"...and then thinking better of it; and watching Mark matter-of-factly sail to a port, sell it some goods, pocket some money, and then go on - leaving me thinking "hmmmm"

    The game offers lower risk/lower return options, and higher risk/possibly higher return options, plus various cards to augment one's capabilities (and therefore one's score).

    Rob and Mark seemed to be playing the commodity trading/'honest wealth' amassing strategy, and indeed - playing the commodity game seemed to make sense if one is satisfying the requirements of one of the award-cards on offer...but otherwise we all gravitated toward the tactic of loading our ships with Vikings and setting sale to pluck the various unknown-value ('til you win then) award chits. This approach was more or less what I did for most of the game, and it seemed to me at the time that it was not working.

    I didn't have lots of visible victory points (they are marked on the bottom of the chits one wins, and vary randomly), but Paul did. In the final accounting I had amassed a respectable score, finishing 2nd or 3rd to Paul's and Tom's very well-played steady and balanced strategy of collecting and satisfying the 'awards' cards (on offer to all), while also hitting targets of opportunity, combined with the same sort of urban assaults that I was pursuing.

    I definitely look forward to another go at that game.

    We finished the evening with a quick go at Diamant (spelling?), a game of Mine safety "chicken" wherein I chickened-out early and often, and usually one step ahead of catastrophe. When it comes to games of luck management, I have a fighting chance of winning!

    Anyway - thanks again to Tom and his lovely wife for having us in their home, and for all the goodies on offer - most especially including the peach pie!

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