Game Night January 05, 2016

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Game Night returns to Florida Drive, Friday January 5th. Start time 7PM.

Depending on who can show up and if they still have a copy of the game.
I would like to play the following games, in the following order...
* Princes of the Renaissance.
* "? that board game with honey bees" - (Mark used to own this)
* Modern Art

See ya soon!


  • I shall hop in the WayBack machine on Friday and set the dial for your house, one month ago.
    And I can bring Princes of the Renaissance as well as Waggle Dance, but we'll have to rely on Tom for Modern Art.
  • I shall bring Modern Art.
  • Dang! I wish I coulda' made it to that one.

    If I could go back in time, and have a do-over - I'd bring along something or another, I'm sure...
  • William was invited to play in a College Showcase Tournament this weekend. His first game is 7:30 at the Plex South so I will unfortunately be unable to make GN this week. Also, Other Rob will not be able to make it this time.

    I will look forward to the next GN in a few weeks.
  • wow. totally missed that typo. I guess I've been doing too many reports for that month this week. Is there a way to go back and correct the title of the posting to February?

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