Game Night - October 2, 2015-continued highjack of schedule!

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As mentioned offline, I'm following Brian's lead and pushing Game Night back a week, since I will not be available this Friday.
So Game Night will return to Florida Drive Friday October 2nd. Start time 7PM.
No official planned games yet. I’m willing to start the evening with a new game if someone brings one.
There are 2 or 3 games this year that we said deserve an encore play, this would be a great night for that.
I have 3 or 4 awesome standbys, depending how many show.


  • Count me in (I think)!!
  • I look to be there next Friday.

    BTW, I cannot host on October 9th, but can on October 16th. I propose moving my hosting date back a week unless there is a chorus of objections.
  • Hi Tom,
    Did you just hijack MY game night posting to talk about your game night?
    Ha.Ha. But yea, 10/16/2015 works better for me as well.
  • I'm still hoping to appear, with Nautilus Industries in tow, but a cough is making it less than certain.
  • It appears that I will miss this one. :(
  • We'll leave a fuller review to our gracious host, or Mr Weber - but for the short while I was able to attend gamenight, it was Good Stuff all around!

    When I arrived at 7, Tom was already there, and we broke out the King of Siam game, wherein players all have the same hand of action cards, and then can play any one of them during a turn, or else pass. The idea is to place colored cubes so as to strengthen the faction you want, or to weaken the factions you don't favor - and then collect a cube - which both stakes a claim to that faction, and also weakens it in the region you removed it from. Once all players 'pass' consecutively, the turn ends and the results are tallied in whichever province was "up". A big key is literally NOT over-playing one's hand. You'll simply run out of cards, and be powerless versus the other fellows. On the other hand, once-powerful cards can become useless, if one waits too long to use them.

    I love this game, and never win it. We racked it up twice, as it is a fairly quick play - and then my lovely daughter called (from Wayne High School), as her part of their football game was concluded (ie - the halftime show from the band and flag corps) and it was time to go get her (Homestead's football team was knocking lumps on Wayne's team's heads).

    With that, I bid adieu (my first sensible bid all night, I think!); but not before enjoying several tasty goodies from the lovely Mrs Cisz's kitchen, including a marvelous apple crisp.

    Thanks again to Rob and his family for having us in their beautiful home, on a very pleasant autumn evening
  • 10/16 is my wife's birthday, so I will not be at the next GN.
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