Fortune and Glory

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One of the game we got this summer was Flying Frog Games' Fortune and Glory, the Cliffhanger Game. This is a large game with a lot of components, mostly cards but also a number of markers and molded plastic models. The theme is basically Indiana Jones. Players (at least in the basic game) are adventurers looking to claim fortune. They do this by collecting treasures from around the world (major quests) and also by other means (exploring different areas on the map (minor quests). The action is largely card drive. There are different decks for events, and for when cities are explored, for followers and for gear. Game play is simple. Each play moves and then has to decide how he will conduct his adventures for the turn.

A major quest involves the successful completion of a number of smaller challenges. These are all card driven and the successful completion requires rolling dice compared to the attributes of a player's character card. Minor quests are usually resolved with one card and usually provide lesser rewards.

Glory points are also an important factor. The completion of quests allow glory points to be gathered and these can be used like money in some cases and like asset chits in others, where they can be traded in for certain benefits.

The game is actually fairly similar to another quest game - Talisman. There is no set way to win, other than to gather fortune. Player choices are wide open and the game is sure to play differently with different players trying different strategies. There is a fair amount of luck involved, although I think a player with an idea of what he wants to do, sticking to that plan is likely to be the most successful.

Over this Labor Day weekend, Caroline, Dan and I sat down to a game of F&G. WE randomly selected our characters and set to playing. Dan quickly went after a treasure located near his home space of Moscow. Caroline and I followed suite. All of us quickly failed. I believed that I needed to travel around the world for a time to collect assets and gain followers and gear that would assist me with my later success die rolls. Caroline and Dan continued on with the quests for treasures each having some success.

The game was fairly long but a lot of the time was spent checking on some rules. After awhile the turns clicked off fairly quickly. Dan amassed a huge pile of glory but had some difficulty getting this turned into treasure. Caroline ran a steady operation and was slowly amassing some treasure. I got lucky early, finding some treasure through the minor quests. Dan's massive operation finally kicked in and he started to amass a nice fortune when a new treasure was discovered, once that was going to pay a nice sum for a fairly low risk set of challenges. So we all started toward the outback of Australia where this treasure was located. By virtue of me having acquired an airplane earlier, I was able to reach the outback just ahead of Caroline and with some lucky dice, I was able to secure the treasure for the win. Had any of us gotten that last treasure, that player would have won. It was a fun close game. All of us had a good time with it and would all enjoy playing another time.
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