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Caroline and I played two of our new games this week.

The Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon Inn is a cute little card game where you weave a story based on the Hobbit novel according the cards on your hand. The other players attempt to hijack your story with reaction cards. There is scoring in the game but this really isn't the point. It is fun to make the stories and holo your feet as you well planned tale takes some odd turns. A little expensive at $30 gencon price but I think we'll worth it at our house as Miss Caroline is a Tolkein fanatic. This will get played often.

Not a show acquisition but a trade acquisition. Lost Temple is a Bruno Faidutti game that is basically a race from one side of a board to the other. The board is a jungle filled island with villages and temples and deep forests. The game is simple. Players pick from different characters each round that provide some movement or position advantages. It's light actually very light but it only takes a few minutes to play. Great for travel or as a filler between heavier games.
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