Game Night July 31, 2015

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Greeting everyone.
I'm back from the coast, all in one piece, without losing any said pieces to sharks.
I know that Gen Con starts this week and I we may lose some to that, but for us unfortunate souls who cannot go to Gen Con this year, fear not, Game Night is still happening this Friday! Game Night returns to Florida Drive this Friday. Start time 7PM.
No official planned games yet. I’m willing to start the evening with a new game if someone brings one. I have 3 or 4 awesome standbys, depending how many show.
See ya soon!


  • Did I mention..Game Night will be this Friday? :oops:

    Sorry about the sloppy message. My 4yr old was sitting on my lap and hit send before I proofed the post properly.

    Anyways...Florida Drive...THIS FRIDAY!
  • When is game night?? Is it THIS Friday?!? :P

    Anyway, I for one shall be there. And guess what - I have new games!
  • I am planning to attend.

    Has anyone claimed the next one on August 14?
  • I am at Gen Con, so unable to attend.

    Paul - I think the next one is open for claim.
  • I shall be there, as it turns out...the Good Lord willin' and the river don't rise!

    And with our recent experiences with water, one cannot take the non-rising river (so to speak) for granted!
  • No longer sure I can make it, tonight. In any case, don't wait for me
  • Thanks to Rob and Heather and the girls for a pleasant night of gaming.

    We played Forbidden Island first. It was Tom, Rob and I along with Rob's daughter Bethany, age 10. FI is a cooperative game where 4 treasures must be gathered prior to the island sinking into the ocean. Although relatively simple to play, we still managed to lose. We could have used one more turn but sadly we ran out of time with one treasure yet to collect.

    After that it was Krakow 1325 A.D. a game where exactly four players are required. Bethany took her leave and Rob recruited daughter #1 0Sarah, age 12 and a half (the emphasis was hers). Played in teams, Rob and I were randomly assigned together. The basic premise of the card portion of the game is a trick taking mechanic. The cards have a number of different features that once a trick is taken, allow the taking side to assign cubes to the board in various locations. Control of these locations scores points as does the number of colors that are taken during the trick taking. Each player is secretly assigned a color at the beginning of the game. Card play decision making is where the real game is. Careful consideration as to the color and the ultimate placement allowed for the cubes are key to winning the game. Unfortunately for Rob and I, we were not good at this. Tom and Sarah were very good at it. Tom ended up edging his teammate by a small margin with Rob and I tied and very far behind. This is a good game and worthy of being played additional times.

    All in all, a good evening of games.
  • Sounds like it was a marvelous evening!

    Long story short for me was: comprehensive transmission failure in our new (to us) vehicle, leaving Pam on the side of the road (US-30) Friday afternoon. The rest of the day was logistics

    Between the home repair/renovation, and this latest turn of events, I'm now looking skyward for the next plummeting piano! (Now THERE would be an interesting game...)
  • My thanks to Paul for a great recap! I can only add the following.
    Official scores:
    Forbidden Island. Game = 1. Explorer team Paul, Tom, Rob, & Bethany = 0
    The Forbidden Island consumed the explorer team, as the torrents from the sinking island took us to our watery graves. Although Tom & I were at the helicopter pad, so I'd like to think we go out.

    Krakow 1325AD. Tom = 20, Sarah 13, Paul = 6, Rob = 6.
    It is worth noting that there was one regretful play I made, where we (Paul & I) had already won the “trick.” But I went ahead and trumped Paul in the play, however, I had no good cards to lead with in the next hand. I think that was the turning point for our downward spiral. But hey, Paul must have known what that sinking feeling felt like (when he & I were teamed-up), since he had just gotten sunk in the last game.
    Additionally, Sarah wanted me to point out that she did all the “heavy lifting” for her team, with she having 7 gold and Tom only 1 gold, but somehow Tom knew when to use the momentum and fly right past her. A classic “Clever-Weber” move if ever I saw one!

    Thanks everyone for a fun evening!
    PS. Brian, don’t feel bad, my new (to me) car failed to start last week, so it happens. I’m looking forward to playing the falling piano game if you ever design it!
  • I must add that I was very impressed with both Bethany and Sarah. Despite their tender ages, both showed to be exceptionally quick studies. Sarah, in particular, seemed to have figured out Krakow quickly (I will leave out any comparisons to certain other family members who may or may not have been in the game sitting to her immediate right). All kidding aside, the game was solid and the game rewarded the team and the player with the better play with the win. As usual, Tom quietly and methodically amassed the needed victory components for a solid win.
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