Game Night June 12, 2015

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It appears that Game Night is returning to Florida Drive this Friday.

I'm in the mood for something old & something new.
So if someone brought a new game say...from Origins, we could start out with that.
Then depending on the amount of players, I'm thinking of either Pompeii or Carcassonne. Fun Fact: Carcassonne is about a 12 hour drive from Pompeii.

See ya then,


  • Count me "IN", I think! (we have logistics issues, but I believe they are later in the weekend...)
  • We will be on our way to Florida that evening. It is a much longer drive from Florida to Carcassone.
  • I expect to attend, and I will bring some shiny new games.
  • I shall be there.
  • We shall leave the official review to our humble host, but before this past gamenight recedes into the misty wilderness of past events, I wanted to say thanks again to Rob and his beautiful wife and family for having us in their home, and for the marvelous banana cream pie! (There was lots of good stuff, but the pie was sublime!)

    We did indeed start the night with a very funny train robbery game - the one Mark aptly described as Walk the Plank on rails.

    In the game, players select a sequence of action cards - one at a time, and in turn sequence - with the effect that one cannot really know what the optimal plays will be. You essentially make your plan, and then the cards are played one at a time so that things go every which way, and as one's plans 'go off the rails' the resultant spectacle is quite humorous.

    One might agree that it is not really a 'game' so much as an entertainment; sort of like a multi-participant rubics-cube. It plays out like a comedy movie (think Blazing Saddles), and is a very pleasant way to spend 30 minutes or so.

    We then also played a tile-placement game called Ca Cau (or possibly Ka Kau), which was interactive, fast-moving, and fun; and then topped off the evening by running for our lives in Pompeii. One great thing about Pompeii, is that there are many opportunities to cheese a guy; and despite cheesing Mark as often as I could (with maybe an exception here or there), darned if he didn't get more of his Pompeians outta that town than the rest of us did.

    As always, Game Night was a great bit of relaxation, and the post game conversation, including one of Rob's lovely daughters was a pleasant way to end the week.
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