Game Night October 4, 2013

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Game Night returns to Florida Drive starting at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
I have 1 game on my shelf to play, but will be willing to try a new game as well, if one was brought. hint...hint...

Hope everyone is doing well, look forward to seeing you all!


  • I have your Conquest of the Empire that you wanted to play. I have read the rules.

    I also have King of Tokyo which is a fun game about monsters thrashing Japan and other fellow monsters.

    See you Friday.
  • I expect to venture to the wooded areas of Florida (Drive) Friday, and will bring a game or two for your possible entertainment.
  • Count me in, baby!!
  • Sweet.
    Looks like we are all set on the games.
    I think I can talk Heather into making some Chili & desserts.
    That leaves me to make some coffee. :D
  • Well, I knew I should not have slept before posting the recap. But I did. So here it is.
    1st game on the table was Tom's "King of Tokyo". I've mixed feelings this one. The game was fun. Lots of monsters thrashing around smashing Tokyo where your monster ate energy pellets which enabled it to go into the city and wreak havoc on Tokyo while the other monsters outside the city battle you. A dice rolling game, where if you rolled well you could get modifier cards/ fighting claws/ or aforementioned pellets. My daughters Sarah & Bethany got to partake in their 1st Game night play ever and the end results: 1st-Sarah; 2nd-Bethany; 3rd-Mark, 4th-Tom; and myself in dead last. Thus reinforcing to us all, beginners' luck is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

    Thankfully it was past the girl’s bedtime, so off scamped the little scamps. Mark, Tom, & I proceed to play "Conquest of the Empire", another dice rolling/ strategy game, where the three of us were finally assured 1st; 2nd; and 3rd place! This is the game I got at Origins a few years ago, but never around to reading. Mr. Weber was kind enough to take the game in; nurture it; bring it back to health; read the directions; and had it ready for action. 1st of all, the game board is huge & the plastic pieces are pretty cool. The basic game (which we played) is about world domination, obviously like the vintage Risk game. However, it was better, because there was a feature where you reinforced your armies with various infantry, cavalry, catapults, or boats, and your attack roll was based off you your current resources. Example, if you rolled a dice and got catapults, but had no catapults, it had no effect. There were also forts & roads for infrastructure that allowed you to move faster. Playing only the basic game still ran a good 2.5 hours. Tom took the 1st march against Mark and was defeated. I took a march against Mark and was horribly defeated. Tom & Mark had an epic battle and Mark won that, and his army assumed all of Tom’s armies and territories, and my assured demise was a few rounds later. Thus my night was summed up by 2 bowls of chili & 2 pumpkin-dessert snacks to take the sting off the 2 stomping-loses.
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