FWGN Game Night July 13, 2012

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Game Night returns to Florida Drive starting at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
As we know most of our games are won or lost by strategy, ingenutity, and manageable luck, so there's no need to be afraid to come out on Friday the 13th!
Depending on quantity showing we will find something to play I'm sure.
As usual, I'm coming in "fresh", meaning nothing formally prepared.
If you one of you have new game you would like to try out, we can vote on the choice and it can be played 1st.
See you soon!


  • I expect to be present!
    And I will bring a game to be named later.
  • Assuming we don't have another rip-roaring 3:30 pm Friday storm, which knocks out our power and our internet for 15 hours - I'll be there!
  • I shall be there.
  • I should be there as well.
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